Wednesday, May 6, 2009

out of the ordinary

i have a feeling this year, this summer, is going to be different than any other summer. i can feel it. probably in a good sense, in a growing up way. or im just saying shit just because of the way ive been feeling lately. whatever.

"you want what you cant have" --fuck that saying, i swear! you want what you cant have!? NO HOW ABOUT - you want it you can have it. take the negative, change it, force it to the greater good of the positivity.

hahahah reading old blogs, geez rereading it, mann it takes that sense of feeling of that moment you wrote it back. you can feel that rawness, that real, old you.

time to do my art project that ive been procrastinating for the longest time >< && thats due next tuesday. its all good i work well under pressure. hahaha ;p

jaycee- mainly a young girl often misunderstood in this world very bright strong and beautiful. at times may be considered insecure and a push over but overall a good hearted woman. she could make a man weak in the knees and any girl wanna go lez.
^^hahahahaha bravo on my nicknameee.

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