Thursday, October 8, 2009

seattle baby!

I know You know Im sexxyy
What would u do would u sacrifice it all for me How would u like if I woo yeah
I need an all American cowboy
Ah ah ah ah ah oh I’m too much for u boy
Ah ah ah ah ah oh I’m too much for u boy

aahhhh i cannot wait! =) northwest college art school here we come! =) my half/dream is coming true!! and brittneys up there! lmao aaahhh i cant wait! and ill be getting my BFA by the time im 23! hehe. everyone is starting to get sad that im leaving! ill miss my best of the best people here in vegas! and ill come to visit!! in defendant! vegas is my 2nd home that i have a love/hate relation! but cheers to my future! gambatte ne!

everything is going amazingly well =) cheers to this fella that has stayed with me and kept up with me and delt with my shenanigans and vise versa =)

christi de nihon desu ne! watashi wa nakusuruu! =)