Wednesday, April 22, 2009


<----NANA!!! i loveee this anime series! read it, watch it. x]

im certainly excited about a few things! yet i curse you on coming t.o.m! but in a good way, lmao. but nonetheless i am on a mission to find this eyeliner! haha and a few makeup ideas so i can run a muck on my face! jk jk! i am still a "little tween" when it comes to makeup, i mean im going to be 20 this summer, shouldnt i be an expert by now? no because of a little traumatic incident that happend to me in 8th grade. i mean, it shouldnt bug me but i like being a natural faceee! x| but little things can go along way! ive been really looking up on skin care products and going to by a few things today! yeepee! idk im just being a GIRL today.

ive been re-reading theSECRET latley to concentrate what i want out of life. it is an incredible book. i want to make stickers or something that seys --theSECRET,read it.-- and post it/place it everywhere i go. that would be cool.

plus these 2 major art projects of mine for the final semester are going great! well for my ceramics class, but i have to do 3 drawings for my figure drawing class and copy an artist's style but put it in modern sense. crazy but i love it.

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