Tuesday, August 25, 2009

summer to an end

so this is the last week of summer. i must say that this was quite an interesting one at that. =) alot of cali trips, swimming, boating, wakeboarding, partying -- man alot of partying. but not as much as last summer. this one was a chill one. it was niice. but school is starting next monday and i am uber excited! its gonna be epic <3 well on the news front -- i got a job a o'neil at the same damn mall that i have worked at with tommyH guess n quiksilver. but hey a job is a damn job, hopefully enough to pay the damn bills. ><

oh and what is up with every session before fall everyone well mostly everyone practically has a boyfriend/girlfriend? what is up with that? sheeesh! its like a massive wave or something haha. but i know for me, that i honestly do not need a boyfriend right now because my focus is school&art. i mean i could make time if i had the fucking time but in all reality i dont and i am honestly happy with it. i have my friends, the best of friends that make me sane. dammit and not to be conceited or whatever but all these fucking guys wants to like date me or what the fuck ever, its like leave me the fuck alone please. i mean fuck dont motherfucking smother me. that is not right. but seriously ill be a bitch if i have to.

la la la thats the update for now. =] thank you thank you.