Thursday, October 8, 2009

seattle baby!

I know You know Im sexxyy
What would u do would u sacrifice it all for me How would u like if I woo yeah
I need an all American cowboy
Ah ah ah ah ah oh I’m too much for u boy
Ah ah ah ah ah oh I’m too much for u boy

aahhhh i cannot wait! =) northwest college art school here we come! =) my half/dream is coming true!! and brittneys up there! lmao aaahhh i cant wait! and ill be getting my BFA by the time im 23! hehe. everyone is starting to get sad that im leaving! ill miss my best of the best people here in vegas! and ill come to visit!! in defendant! vegas is my 2nd home that i have a love/hate relation! but cheers to my future! gambatte ne!

everything is going amazingly well =) cheers to this fella that has stayed with me and kept up with me and delt with my shenanigans and vise versa =)

christi de nihon desu ne! watashi wa nakusuruu! =)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

change of heart

haha paparazzi of lady gaga is stuck in my head -
i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love, papa, paparazzi
baby there's no other superstar you know that ill be your papa, paparazzi
promise I'll be kind but i wont stop until that boy is mine.

so this change of heart -- alot has happend within 2weeks that is crazy how this can happen. but nonetheless it is what it is. =) and im happy that it is with him. even though we arn't official we've been talking for what 10months now...but we shall see =)

school has started =) im in love with my first set of classes mon&weds. siick ass teachers today is the 2nd set of classes i hope ther coool too

cheers to the fall/winter season! CANT WAIT FOR SNOWBOARDING SEASON!!! =D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

summer to an end

so this is the last week of summer. i must say that this was quite an interesting one at that. =) alot of cali trips, swimming, boating, wakeboarding, partying -- man alot of partying. but not as much as last summer. this one was a chill one. it was niice. but school is starting next monday and i am uber excited! its gonna be epic <3 well on the news front -- i got a job a o'neil at the same damn mall that i have worked at with tommyH guess n quiksilver. but hey a job is a damn job, hopefully enough to pay the damn bills. ><

oh and what is up with every session before fall everyone well mostly everyone practically has a boyfriend/girlfriend? what is up with that? sheeesh! its like a massive wave or something haha. but i know for me, that i honestly do not need a boyfriend right now because my focus is school&art. i mean i could make time if i had the fucking time but in all reality i dont and i am honestly happy with it. i have my friends, the best of friends that make me sane. dammit and not to be conceited or whatever but all these fucking guys wants to like date me or what the fuck ever, its like leave me the fuck alone please. i mean fuck dont motherfucking smother me. that is not right. but seriously ill be a bitch if i have to.

la la la thats the update for now. =] thank you thank you.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

cali trips

aahhh i cannot seem to get the weekend of cali out of my mind! =] it was soo much fun. mini reunions with old japanese friends from back in the day. it felt sooo good. =] it was pure bliss. i still cannot fathom this surrealness of this trip. but nontheless it was a glorious time. and i cannot wait to visit again. =] i love my lifee =] <33

yay for summer school =]
this summer is going to be not as crazy as last years but who knows ;p

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do

great finales for gossip girl & one tree hill <---makes my heart melt

this weekend is the start of the summer! going to the lake with awesome people =]
great news that christi is getting stationed in japan =]
summer school is starting in june
hopefully going to florida in june
getting a job as well.

and all my savings are going to my nihon trip next summer =]

here we go.....=D

Monday, May 11, 2009

cheers to the future =]

had a great dinner with my papa, =] i love him. he's so supportive.

arrgghh i cant wait to get out of this hell hole of vegas. =] art school here we go!! i am so excited. another chapter in my life, in a new place. hopefully san francisco! (o^-^o) cho kawaii! and david might/will go with me. its our chance baby lets do ittt!

school has always been my motivation, art has always been my passion. time to live the dream.

NiHON, will always always be my home, how ive missed you soo much. i cannot wait to go back. hopefully things will go great in due course.

believe it, dream it, live it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

out of the ordinary

i have a feeling this year, this summer, is going to be different than any other summer. i can feel it. probably in a good sense, in a growing up way. or im just saying shit just because of the way ive been feeling lately. whatever.

"you want what you cant have" --fuck that saying, i swear! you want what you cant have!? NO HOW ABOUT - you want it you can have it. take the negative, change it, force it to the greater good of the positivity.

hahahah reading old blogs, geez rereading it, mann it takes that sense of feeling of that moment you wrote it back. you can feel that rawness, that real, old you.

time to do my art project that ive been procrastinating for the longest time >< && thats due next tuesday. its all good i work well under pressure. hahaha ;p

jaycee- mainly a young girl often misunderstood in this world very bright strong and beautiful. at times may be considered insecure and a push over but overall a good hearted woman. she could make a man weak in the knees and any girl wanna go lez.
^^hahahahaha bravo on my nicknameee.