Monday, February 9, 2009

being stuck, sucks

sigh, i miss home. ive been kinda going crazy here, its not even funny anymore. i wanna scream my head off. i think my depression[ i mean its been on and off since 05] is going to hit a little harder once christi leaves. maybe if my dad leaves. haha i really hope he kinda does just so i could VISIT home. i mean home is where the heart is? right. vegas is aiight, the people is what GETS ME here but for the place, im still in cultureshock. i cant fucking take it here, i try i really do. the stores in chinatown, japanese stores, the japanese food. but it can only refuel me so much. i think its the atmosphere. the people are really truely great here, i mean i wouldnt be who i am without them but ive seriously lost myself so many times, i tend to bounce back to my old japan self merging with my vegas side, i guess you could say my one true wish right now is to travel. anything thats as close to something called home. i hear san fran is something like that
xoxo, tae [ the initals of the last letter of each name ]